"Schnell’s prose is transparent and true, and her voice is haunting, full of emotional clout. Hers are characters made of flesh and blood—they are brave, vulnerable, strong and, ultimately, alive with hope."—Lisa Moore

"Schnell cleverly juxtaposes and parallels the two main characters and two continents throughout the novel . . . Inexorable descriptions of this suffering would be arduous to read were it not for Schnell’s skillful ability to balance out the thrum of painful intensity that runs throughout the prose with gently asserted control." -- The Globe and Mail (see review here)

" . . . riveting . . . insightful and well-written." -- Prairie Fire (see review here)

" . . . like the executioner pulling the noose, Schnell tests our trust, fills us with fear . . .  While the Sun is Above Us has one of the best endings that I have read . . . unforgettable and captivating." -- Devin  Pacholik, Global Television Book Review (see review here)

"This is a deeply moving story that can’t fail to connect with you. It opens up a whole other world in more ways than one, shedding light on the life of a traditional Sudanese woman in the south as well as the female experience during the civil war.”  -- Giraffe Days (see review here)

"The only other novel I have read about modern Sudan is Dave Eggers’ The What is the What. And while Eggers did a good job rendering his male character’s experience, Schnell does an equally good job rendering the female experience" -- Proto Libro (see review here)

"This is a must read for anyone interested in knowing what war does to those who have their homeland stripped away from them and the insatiability of the human need to survive." -- Reads by the Beach (see review here)

"By the end of the novel, the painful experiences of Adut and Sandra left me haunted, as Schnell tells her story with such clarity that I could smell the blood on their clothes and feel the hot sun beating down above them." -- The Winnipeg Review (see review here)

"While the Sun is Above Us has one of the best endings I have ever read. Schnell's build-up draws the reader closer and closer, until the final unforgettable and captivating conclusion." -- Fine Lifestyles (see review here)

"An urgent and powerful story about two women speaking to each other across every imaginable divide. This is a story that needs to be told!"—Buffy Cram, author of Radio Belly

"An excellent novel, by a master of restraint – shockingly good for a first book." -- Bernice Friesen, author of The Book of Beasts

"Moving, deeply troubling, important, up late at night reading in bed" -- Jerry Haigh, author of Of Moose and Men


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